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  • WEB-site and WEB-portal development, integration, hosting and support. Using modern technologies, such as 3D modeling in Augmented Reality.
  • Scientific research and technical engineering of Automated Management and Control Systems, Information and Computer technologies and components.
  • Development of control systems for mobile clients:
    • Municipal transportation
    • Taxi
    • Trucks
    • Special municipal services (ambulance, fire, police, etc.)
  • Development of modern Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems (SCADA, covering geographically distributed enterprises).
  • Development of modern technical and commercial account systems for final production outstreams evidence and services billing:
    • Telecommunications operators services.
    • Suppliers of Municipal services.
    • Electric power suppliers and consumers (CAEPAS - Commercial Account of Electric Power Automated Systems).
  • Development of a wide spectrum of client–server business software products, web-services and stand-alone applications.
  • Design and installation of local and global corporate computer networks based on modern communication technologies (Ethernet,FastEthernet, Frame Relay, ATM, TCP/IP, Wireless etc.).
  • Creation and utilize electronic geoinformation maps and systems (GIS) in various engineering applications.

Implemented projects




  1. Multimedia home theater

Booklet , 780 KB, PDF

Private clients, home theaters

  1. Container cleaning system

Presentation , 5.47 MB, PPTX

I.M. Regia „Autosalubritate”

  1. Information and publicity displays

Booklet (in russian) , 470 KB, PDF

Sigma S.A.

  1. Advertising products of Sony and Intel corporations, using Augmanted Reality.


Rid Sign.

  1. Portal Softcom-ADM for mobile client.

Presentation, 2.9 MB, PDF

Softcom S.A.

  1. Integrated SCADA information system for Electrical Transport Power Distribution Management system.

Booklet , 704 KB, PDF, in Romanian.

Regia Transport Electric Chisinau

  1. ERP information system for small and medium enterprises. Web-based. For distributed enterprises.

Booklet , 375 KB, PDF, in Romanian.

Ruspin Grup S.R.L.


  1. Queue management information system for clients service center of Moldcell mobile communications operator.

Booklet , 279 KB, in PDF format.

Moldcell S.A.


  1. Automated account system for products outstreams.

Booklet In Russian.

Tutun-CTC S.A.


  1. INFOCOM BON Billing and Payments Calculation System for public services.


Infocom I.M.


  1. Automated information system for human resources management.

Booklet in russian.

Moldelectrica I.S.,
Infocom I.M.


  1. RomTMN HD. Telecommunications Management System of Romania (Hunedoara County). Includes:
  • SyscomFactura - Telecommunications Services Payments Calculation System
  • centralized system for monitoring and protection of distributed objects
  • geoinformation system for telecommunication objects
  • ATM - high speed corporative network

More details.
HTML version of Syscom TMN project.
PowerPoint version, 3.2 MB

Romtelecom S.A.



  1. VIS - Integrated Information Management System "Vatsa":

o Hotel - Hotel management

o Restaurant - Restaurant and Bar management

o Turism - Agencies of tourism management

o Medicine - Agencies of medical recreation systems management.

HTML version.
PowerPoint version. 4.3 MB

Romtelecom S.A.

Vatsa de Jos


  1. Telecommunications Management System of Moldova.

More details.

Moldtelecom S.A.


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