Basic Characteristics of Complex Telecommunications Management System of Republic of Moldova MoldTMN

1. Standards Basics:

Recommendations ITU-T of series Ì: M3010, M3020, M3200, M3400;

2. Managed objects:

2.1. Phone Exchanges and Nodes:

- digital electronic ( “EWSD-Siemens”, “Alcatel” et al. );

- digital quasielectronic ( “Quartz”, “Quant”, “Istok”);

- analogue ( “K50/200”, “K100/2000”, “ATSK-U”, “ATS-54” et al.);

2.2 Transmission systems:

- analogue (K-60P et al. );

- digital (IKM-120, IKM-480 et al. ).

2.3 Special services:

- Automated Switched Department (ASD);

- Automated Repair Department (ARD).

3. Management Systems:

- Configuration Management;

- Fault Management;

- Performance Management;

- Account Management;

- Security Management.

4. Technical base of MoldTMN:

4.1. Subsystems of managed objects and NE- elements:

- for Exchanges;

- for Transmission Systems;

- for Special Services.

4.2. Global (corporate) and Local Networks:

- computers and transmission equipment (modems, hubs, repeaters, routers etc.).

- software ( “Windows-NT”, “MS SQL-server”, “MapInfo”, “Delphi”, “Innoview”, applications).

- quantity of LANs - more than 50;

- quantity of computers in Corporate Network - more then 300;

- quantity of servers (databases) – more than 70.

5. Efficiency of MoldTMN:

5.1. Decreases of costs and increases of quality of telecommunications services due to:

- standardization of management procedures between services and supervising of information exchange;

- increasing of the level of automation of control activity;

- common access to management information and shared collaborative work of geographically distributed administrative nodes;

- improved system of information security;

- decreasing of the times of diagnostics, repair and restore;

- increasing of the flexibility of system and decreasing of latency of administration's reactions to management events;

- increasing of annual revenues from telecommunications services.

5.2. The period of revenue of project expanses - less than 3 years.

  1. Additional information:

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