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The company "R@D Sign" was created in 1997 as the enterprise for manufacture of the outdoor advertising. Now has necessary professional experience for designing and manufacture of advertising designs of any complexity. The partnership was established in 1997.

(Moscow, Russia)

Telecommunications Management Systems development and integration. LAN and WAN development and maintenance. Partnership was established in 1998.

(Deva City, Romania)

Main direction of SInfo firm activities is oriented toward rendering services on introduction of modern automation technologies for enterprises management. From the very beginning the proposed solutions are exclusively based on providing complex applications in above area. The partnership was established in year 2000.

National telecommunications operator of Romania. Partnership was established in 1998 with Department of District Hunedoara, (Deva City).

National telecommunications operator of Moldova. Partnership was established in 1996.

Russian firm Prosoft was founded in 1991. Main profile of activity includes distribution of industrial computers (IBM compatible), in/out circuits, distributed test, measurement and control systems, sensors, large set of optional devices and software modules in countries of CIS area. Partnership was established in 1999. Systemcomputer is an official dealer of Prosoft in Moldova.

News from Prosoft

"RUSLAN communications" is a professional company in domain of corporate networks engineering and public communications systems. Partnership was established in 1999.

Logitera S.R.L. offers a large variety of computer systems and components. Partnership was established in 2004.

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